Eden Alpha is a value-oriented global long/short Hedge fund. We commit to maintaining a patient, long-term investment philosophy, built on the model of Warren Buffet partnership from 1958.


We believe that a central theme in investment management is having our interest aligned with that of our partners. Simply put - “we eat our own cooking”. We, the managing partners, and our family members have a significant portion of our net worth invested alongside our partners.

We look for value by conducting a thorough and diligent in-depth analysis of businesses and the economics of the industries in which these businesses operate. Our portfolio is concentrated - we invest in a small number of businesses that have significant potential for value creation and limited downside risk. We concentrate our assets in our best ideas.

We employ global oriented exposure - we find the best opportunities anywhere on the globe.

Eden's enjoys the control and supervision of a world-class trustee/administrator- Tzur Capital, which oversee over $9 US billion.


In addition, foreign (non-Israeli/non-American) investors are exempted from taxes on the partnership's level.


Our goal: Conduct investment operations that will beat the benchmark while taking a conservative unconventional approach to the partnership’s capital management.

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